Does Your Child Need a Root Canal?

Does Your Child Need A Root Canal _

What Is A Baby Tooth Root Canal (Pulpotomy-Half Root Canal & Pulpectomy-Full Root Canal)?

A baby tooth root canal is a dental procedure that is designed to remove bacteria from beneath the surface of a tooth. This removal of infection can save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. A root canal procedure may be indicated when the pulp of a tooth is inflamed or infected and could lead to an abscess, particularly as an alternative to removing the tooth altogether.

The Baby Tooth Dilemma

For many years, conventional wisdom dictated that baby teeth were not good candidates for root canals. This idea came from the fact that baby or temporary teeth will be lost at some point, so it seemed simpler to pull them than to try to save them. However, thinking among professionals has changed over the past few decades.

We have a better understanding now of how important baby teeth are in functional uses such as eating, speaking, maintaining the shape of the jaw and the integrity of emerging permanent teeth. Therefore, the best case scenario is often to be able to save a baby tooth–even if a root canal may be required.

What Can I Expect From A Child’s Root Canal?

If your child is going to have a root canal, here are the steps that your Pediatric Dental Team will take:

  1. Your child will receive a local anaesthetic in most cases to numb the tooth. If the child is particularly agitated, sedation options may be discussed which best suits the situation.
  2. Next comes the drilling. The Pediatric Dentist will access the inside of the tooth by creating a small opening along the top, following which an antimicrobial solution is applied to the inside of the tooth to kill off any remaining infection.
  3. Finally, the Pediatric Dentist will fill the cavitation with material that will support and protect the tooth until it can be capped. The cap provides the tooth with adequate strength for eating and chewing food, which eventually comes off by itself when the baby tooth is ready to exfoliate.