Need for Exclusive Pediatric Dental Facility in India.

In a developing nation like ours, the excessive refinement of food products and extreme lifestyle dietary habits from an early age, result in an overall poor oral health of the children of the nation.

Dental Caries ( Dental Decay) has become an epidemic, which needs to be dealt with on an urgent basis.

The age group of 0-18 years is the most important period of growth and development both physically and psychologically in a child’s life. A child suffering from severe dental caries and having an overall poor oral health status, will neither be able to eat properly nor smile with confidence; eventually degrading the overall quality of life as a child.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) supports the concept of a ‘Dental Home’ for infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health care needs. The dental home is inclusive of all aspects of oral health that result from the interaction of the patient, parents, dentists, dental professionals, and nondental professionals.

This concept is derived from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) definition of a ‘Medical Home’ which states pediatric primary health care is best delivered or supervised by qualified child health specialists.
Such a Dental Home concept and treatment modality for the children can be best achieved at an Exclusive Pediatric Dental Clinic in Delhi like KIDZ DENTAL CENTRE.

Kidz Dental Centre has a specialized, amiable ambience (Theme Based) with the infrastructure designed specifically for providing Preventive and Therapeutic protocols exclusively for kids , adolescents and those with special health care needs.

At Kidz Dental Centre, The Equipments, Dental Materials, Sedation Protocols and the trained staff make the facility seem like a ‘Second Home’ for the child. Henceforth, allaying all fears, anxiety and pain before, during or after procedures.

The cornerstone philosophy of Kidz Dental Centre is ‘Prevention Along With Painless Therapeutics’ , making every visit of a child a memorable one.