Get Acquainted With the Significance of Baby Teeth That We Tend to Take Flippantly

When your precious little one undergo the mind-numbing process of teething, don’t you often find yourself asking; “is it even worth it?” Maximum parents underrate the significance of baby teeth, as in the back of their mind they know that these teeth would get interchanged with permanent ones, sooner or later. But it is very imperative for us to comprehend that primary teeth are the first steps towards the baby’s blissful oral health.

importance of baby teeth

Baby teeth: Significance

Primary or “baby” teeth are significant for many reasons. Not only do they help child speak clearly and chew naturally, they also help in forming a pathway that permanent teeth can follow when they are prepared to erupt. In fact, healthy baby teeth are just as crucial to babies and young kids as healthy permanent teeth are to older children and grown-ups.

Visiting the pediatric dentist early

Usually, primary teeth start to erupt anywhere between the age of 6 months and 1 year. It is recommended that kids get their first examination from a dentist preferably within 6 months of the appearance of the first tooth and no later than the first birthday. A visit to the dentist in time is known as a “well-baby checkup.” The pediatric dentist will inspect the child for any tooth decay or other glitches, can explain the appropriate way of brushing the kid’s teeth, and will guide the parent on any damagingly impacting habits the kid might have formed, such as going to sleep with a bottle or thumb sucking. By 3 years old, the majority of youngsters have a full set of 20 baby teeth. Kidz Dental Centre is a leading and dedicated pediatric dental clinic in Delhi & Gurgaon led by Dr. Arnab Sengupta MDS(Pedodontics).

Healthy baby teeth and overall well-being

Since baby teeth eventually fall out, several individuals believe they do not matter. Good oral health in a kid’s early years however, is tremendously imperative for a child’s overall well-being, amid other things. Healthy primary teeth are significant for initial physical, emotional, and social development. Healthy baby teeth benefit physical, emotional, and social development by:

  • Promoting admirable nutrition through proper chewing
  • Assisting the initiation and development of speech
  • Permitting a child to learn well and pay attention in school without the interference of dental pain
  • Raising self-confidence by providing a perky and beautiful smile

Now you know why taking good care of those tiny little pearls is so imperative? Bring your child to our clinic for a thorough kid’s dental checkup in Gurgaon and have your baby orally fit and cheerful!